Website Design & Hosting

Fair lighting and electrical

Develop and provide ongoing support for an electrical service website for local Ohio, family-owned business.

Buzzoodle upgraded Fair Lighting and Electrical website to look more modern, be more mobile friendly and emphasis more of the electrical services the company provides.

We have worked with Buzzoodle for more than 5 years. They have improved our webpage and increased our search engine optimization, thereby increasing our customer base. Thanks, Buzzoodle!

Tammy Fair

Fair Lighting and Electrical, LLC

Logo Redesign

In addition to a redesign of th website, Buzzoodle digital artists took a low res logo and recreated it with requested changes and in high quality so that Fair could get truck wrapping done with the digital image.

Some agencies would have charged thousands of dollars for that service.  Buzzoodle takes care of existing customers and only charged for an hour of a designer’s time.

Visit Fair Lighting and Electrical to see what we did for them on a very low budget.


Local Ohio Lead Generation

The client reported new leads coming from the website from different areas where they did not commonly get new customers from before the redesign.  The new website is helping grow their business.

Buzzoodle Can Improve Your Growth

Buzzoodle can improve websites and landing pages, SEO, and Pay Per Click campaigns to imrove your lead geneation and visibitily to prospective clients.  Let’s talk about what your growth needs.