Website Redesign

Katherine miracle

Complete redesign of website.  This site was outdated and no longer looking like a professional speaker website.  On a small budget, we redesigned the site without hurting SEO while improving mobile design.

Prior to the pandemic I saw an urgency to update our websites Miracle Resources and my speaker website 

I needed exceptional design and ease of use. Since 2003 Ron McDaniel has delivered! Thank you, Ron, for your talent and hard work you always exceed expectations! 

Katherine Miracle, MBA

Brand & Team builder, Keynote Speaker, CEO Miracle Resources & Founder, Miracle Resources

Needed Mobile Excellence

Because her client base is using LinkedIn and viewing web pages on their phones, needed to look great on mobile devices.

Buzzoodle used advanced themes that allowed every element of the layout to be customize for different sized devices, so that we could get the look and feel of the site just the way Katherine wanted it.

Improved Promotion

Buzzoodle made calls to action and promotion of books and training programs a higher priority.  The website relaunch coincided with her new book launch, giving her a higher end site to promote when promoting the new book and looking for more speaking opportunities.

Buzzoodle Can Improve Your Growth

Buzzoodle can improve websites and landing pages, SEO, and Pay Per Click campaigns to imrove your lead geneation and visibitily to prospective clients.  Let’s talk about what your growth needs.