There are people in the world, myself included, who have a lot of years of experience and enjoy helping people be more successful. The idea of spending every day, all day, working for one client doing on set of tasks is not very fulfilling. But working with a variety of clients, optimizing different channels of leads for people is very fun and puts the broader experience to work in the best way possible.

Why Hire a Digital CMO (part time)

Here are some reasons to hire a digital CMO.

  1. Hiring a highly experienced person one day per month is much cheaper than bringing them on full time.
  2. To hire someone with many years of experience, the wage would be very high.
  3. Your Digital CMO is likely to stay longer because they will not get bored working 60 hours a week for the same client. They will be more engaged and interested in the various challenges.
  4. Adding an expert will give your in house team an expert resource and make them feel more accountable each month.
  5. Broader experience and training – Your digital CMO will have a lot more experience to draw on and to help you with. They will know what percentage different clients are getting on lead generation and conversions, which means they will have a clearer idea if you are performing well or under performing.
  6. It is an expert pair of eyes reviewing how your marketing dollars are being spent each month. This alone could pay for itself.
  7. Your Digital CMO will be very focused on your metrics, such as lead generation and sales.

These are just some of the reasons you should consider a Digital CMO for your organization. Companies that are trying to do all the media themselves can greatly benefit from this kind of part time help.