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On top of SEO, Blog Writing and Design Services, Buzzoodle helped author Bill Bregar assemble and edit his book.

Loss Prevention Systems already dominated online visibility for shoplifting prevention with SEO.  The next step was to be listed in Amazon and further enhance the expert profile.

The Shoplifting Prevention Expert

With thousands of articles across multiple sites, and highly targeted SEO for the main company site,, the next step was to use content already created and help create a book to help retailers.  Buzzoodle staff assembled, edited and published the book for Bill.

I have owned my own business for close to 30 years. During that time I engaged quite a few web marketing companies to promote my business. Most of them performed poorly at best. When I brought Buzzoodle in it was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Buzzoodle moved my company forward in the online world at a steady pace. They delivered results that my competitors could never match! I cannot recommend Buzzoodle enough! Stop messing around with charltons that promise the world and severely underdeliver.

Bill Bregar

President, Loss Prevention Systems

SEO, Social, Ads, and Content

For many years, Buzzoodle helped Loss Prevention Systems grow their lead generation and sales via many digital channels and through a print book as well.

Buzzoodle Can Improve Your Growth

Buzzoodle can improve websites and landing pages, SEO, and Pay Per Click campaigns to imrove your lead geneation and visibitily to prospective clients.  Let’s talk about what your growth needs.