There is a lot of hype around NFTs. People are making a lot of money buying and selling them. However, you may be wondering if you can capitalize on the NFT hype for marketing results.

Yes, you can. This article will talk about how to use NFTs for marketing, even at this early stage.

The first thing to understand is that an NFT is a digital contract in the blockchain. So it can represent anything, not just art, which is the primary use currently. So as this evolves, and people use them in new and innovative ways, more opportunities will appear.

As a marketer, I always like it when someone has an excuse to say something interesting in their email newsletter, social media accounts, or even in person. Because of the hype around NFTs, just saying you have bought one is going to make people be curious and pay more attention to you.

  1. Support an artist buy purchasing their NFT. Then you can talk about your purchase and commitment to supporting art.
  2. Donate to an Education NFT to support education. Not only can you discuss buying an NFT, but you can add the artwork to your website, hang it in your boardroom, etc., all to show your company is committed to education, the community, and making a difference. These get talked about. People are curious.
  3. Buy an image that you can use as your avatar. This is common and people notice. It becomes a discussion topic, especially if you spent some serious money on it.

While you can always offer people a paper certificate, offering an NFT is noteworthy and lasts forever. Can your deliverables be done as NFTs? If so, mention this in your writing for content marketing. Most people will still opt for non-NFT options because they will not want to set up a wallet and such, but it is an interesting thing that will get noticed. Your organization will also seem very cutting edge.

Also, people are selling a tweet as an NFT. This might not make you any money, but it might add a sizable number of people as followers. Find an interesting tweet and add it to an NFT marketplace, and see what happens.

There are going to be a lot of marketing applications in the future. NFTs will become big fundraising tools for startups and non-profits alike. Start getting to know them now so you are not behind the curve when they become commonplace.