Benefits of Ads in Local Portals

A quick way to get results is with other peoples traffic. And a quick way to get other people’s traffic is through placing ads on local portals if you are trying to reach a local audience.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to this kind of advertising.

Akron BusinessFirst, this can be highly lucrative for your business if the local portal has the right audience.  Advertising like this is usually fairly inexpensive and can result in considerable lead generation and traffic.

Second, there may be other ways to use a local portal for visibility for your client.  Maybe they have a free business listing or you can comment on articles in the portal?

Third, find out if they accept guest posts.  Many of these local portals are hungry for good quality content and are happy to let you promote yourself in the author bio.

Forth, consider how a link from a high ranked and content rich local portal site will affect the Search Engine Optimization of your main website.  A good link from an authority site like that will usually give you a nice boost in ranking.

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Remember that if you are using a local portal, you really should consider the paid version. For our local portals, we include featured status (top of lists) plus things like Ads, ghost writing in client’s name, social media campaigns to business profile and more. These do boost listing traffic and performance a great deal and make an impact on your overall online marketing.