Authority SEO Cluster


An inteview with you about you, your company, product, or service that is featured in a digital magazine and has a cluster of high authority links back to your website.

Your Interview is Free – You Share Production Costs

 We do not charge for outstanding, highly informative interviews.  However, if you are not an extremely well-known person, we do ask that you offset our production costs.  We want to only post highly polished interviews that are good for our readers and for you.  That takes time to do a good job. See below for your options.

High Authority Backlinks Help SEO

Comprehensive and Complete plans provide many high authority backlinks to the interview and to your website. Many are DO Follow, with am emphasis on high-quality links.

Repeat When You Want - Not Recurring

This one-time fee helps boost your site and brand.  Repeat as often as you want to strengthen the results, but there is no long term risk, no recurring fee that needs to be canceled, and no obligation to do additional interviews in the future.

Assets to Share on Social Media

Magazine interview, audio and video are all assets you can easily share many times on social media, helping you grow and engage your audience.

Traffic and Quality Clicks

Having high quality links will boost SEO traffic over time, and we will provide advice on how to leverage your interview to maximize your traffic and boost your authority.

Domain Authority Links Boost Your Site

Each media piece created, such as print version, video version, etc, all reside on different, high authority domains.

Appropriate - No Adult, Illegal, Drug, Tobacco, Gambling Topics

Our magazine is family-friendly, positive and does not post about many mature topics, other than things like addiction recovery, when it comes to these topics.

Value That Grows Over Time

Your interview will remain in our publication and get stronger over time.  The group of high value links you get will help your site become a more trusted resource (along with other SEO initiatives)

Highest Quality - No Spam, Affiliates, or Scammy Products

Our magazine maintains the highest levels of integrety and trust.  We do not post articles about, or that link to, products, services or people who do not meet our standards.  This protects us, and our featured clients.

Refund Policy

Check with us before you order if you are not sure of your topic being appropriate.  We do not offer refunds if you purchase and then submit topics that are inappropriate.  We do offer refunds before work is done, if a topic is not a a good fit, but is not obviously inappropriate.  Once work begins, there are no refunds.  There is no guanentee of particular traffic, ranking changes nor exact number of backlinks, as things change constantly.

Promoting Your Interview

All three programs come with a detailed guide on how to get more results from your interview.  It includes how to boost on social media, how to generate backlinks to your backlinks, use outread to find new customers, and ways to keep your interview front and center for prospects.

Which Magazine?

We run quality digital magazines that are interesting to readers and aid our clients in promoting their businesses.  To protect the integrety of these magazines, we do not list them here but you may contact us to find out more.