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Blog Content Drives Sales

Having regular, high-quality blog content published to your website is critical to attracting qualified, high-value customers.

A failure to produce blog posts regularly will result in a stagnant website that does not bring in prospects.

With Buzzoodle, our highly skilled native writers will take care of your content needs month after month.

Google knows when you publish regularly and rewards active websites with more visitors.

Buzzoodle Blog Writing Service

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Serious, Professional Writers

We work with people who write for a living and know how to produce high-quality blog articles on a variety of topics and optimize them for reading, conversion and better ranking in search engines.

Results-oriented blog writing must take into consideration the headline, the optimization, the keyword density, and the desired outcome. This takes experience and focus.

Worry-Free Content

You pick the frequency and length of articles, and we make sure your blog is running seamlessly to rank better, engage your audience and demonstrate your expertise.

We offer blog writing lengths of 500 words, 1,000 words, 1,500 words and articles over 2,000 words in length, as pillar articles for your blog.

One-time orders or monthly retainers available for blog writing.

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Why Blog Articles?

Educating and informing your target audience is a great way to establish trust and show your expertise. Beyond that, an active website shows prospects your business is doing well and is investing in the future.

Just like a visitor, search engines rank websites better when they show they are active and have authority on a topic. This is why publishing regular content is critical.

Visitors and search engines see your active site and understand what you do and what you have to offer, based on your blogging habits. Buzzoodle helps you stand out while you focus on serving your customers.

Included in Buzzoodle Blogging

  • High-quality content
  • SEO optimization
  • Topic development
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 1 Stock Image
  • Formated for Blogs
  • Direct Post (Optional)
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Buzzoodle Blog Writing Process

Step 1:
Request Program

Client joins Buzzoodle writing program and pays for first project.

Step 2:
Content Research

Buzzoodle researches topics and presents article recommendation.

Step 3:
Topic Approval

Client revises or approves topic and outline for full development.

Step 4:
Content Development

Article written by writer and reviewed by editor.

Step 5:
Review and Approval

Client reviews article and approves or asks for revision.

Step 6:
Delivery and Publishing

Buzzodle publishes blog on client site, or delivers via email.

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Reoccurring Blog Writing

After becoming familiar with our quality and reliability, some clients choose to simplify the process and allow writing to be done without all steps.

For example, some clients do not approve every topic in advance, and some allow us to move directly to publishing and only notify them when articles are live on site. This depends on client needs.

Buzzoodle always recommends careful oversight and review of anything going up on a company website.

Blog Writing Price

Our blog writing pricing is a simple formula.

  • $60 per 500 words
  • 2x Cost For Expert Topics Needing Advanced Research or Expertise
  • 10% Discount For Monthly Reoccurring Orders (After 1st Month)
  • We reserve the right to decline topics that are beyond normal scope.
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