News Curation

Buzzoodle News Curation is a weekly service where your editor scours the Internet for interesting news in your industry and links to it as well as writes a short blurb about it.  Depending on your Buzzoodle plan, you will get curated news posts once, twice or three times per week.

This is the same technique that large and popular news and entertainment sites use to keep fresh and popular content in front of their readers.

It is important to know that you can influence the news that is curated.  You can simply send an email to your editor to ask them to include a particular news item in the next news article.

Some examples of news you may want to send to your editor are:

  1. News about your company, either on your site or in a press release
  2. Vendor or product news
  3. Client news about one of your clients that is relevant
  4. Negative news about one of your competitors.
  5. Anything your target market would find interesting