Your Magazine

Your Buzzoodle Magazine is an online publication that is designed to attract readers from a client’s target market.  Because each magazine has only one sponsor, 100% of the ads and traffic effort are directed to the one client website.

This strategy is very powerful because it does the following:

  • Drives targeted, quality traffic to your website
  • Promotes only your company in feature areas
  • Improves Search Engine Ranking of your main site
  • Improves your performance in Social Media
  • Engages your marketplace
  • Highlights your videos in the video channel
  • Highlights your key employees in the interview articles
  • Provides an editor, writing staff and premium news magazine site that lends credibility to your main site

To get the most out of working with Buzzoodle to produce your targeted online publication, download the Buzzoodle Benefits document and work closely with your editor.