Data Mining Services

Buzzoodle has specialists who can provide highly customized data mining services for your organization.

We have experience in big data reporting and analytics to help find potential customers, points of improvement along with best practices in business models, data for directories and more. Our 20+ years of experience include some projects with large, seven figure budgets.

Data mining can include scraping sources with custom code, merging different sources of data to create a more detailed database with better filters and profiles, and simply scoring your data based on past success to predict future success.

Each data mining project is custom and must not break laws in how the data is acquired nor used. Our programmers can generate data in a variety of ways but data mined from websites and other sources often needs considerable cleanup and analysis before it can be used.

We work with onshore and offshore data mining experts to ensure the best costs while also having hands-on specialists close by to verify and work with you to put the data to good use in improving your business.

Contact use today if you are looking for advanced data services and would like to explore a data mining project with Buzzoodle.