Digital CMO Services

Often companies have all the pieces in place but things are not running as smoothly as possible. There can be a lot of problems. Not following up on leads quickly, not optimizing PPC, letting new content production slide for months, etc. Sometimes there is just not one person who is holding everyone accountable. This is where the Buzzoodle Digital CMO Service comes into play.

We help you get more out of what you are already doing.

We offer a simple service where we spend up to 10 hours per month reviewing your results, making recommendations and pointing out lost opportunities.

  • On call to help you succeed
  • Up To 10 Hours Per Month
  • Monthly Video Meeting to Review Recommendations, Concerns
  • Review of Analytics, Ad Campaigns, Lead Generation, CRM Results, SEO and Social Media
  • Plan for Next 30 Days
  • Support and Engagement as needed for questions

In this service, we are not doing the work, but we are making your team and outside help perform better and giving them a fresh pair of eyes.

The cost of the service is $1,000 per month and we only work with 10 maximum clients at a time to assure we are available for your needs. The minimum engagement is 6 months.

We will measure our performance based on how well we help you boost your goals and metrics. Your success is our success.

Contact Us Today – Interested In Growing Your Business? Let’s work together and make that happen. Our success depends on your success.