How to Build a Lead Generation Website

It is absolutely possible to build your own lead generation website. We are happy to help you with your effort, or you can use this checklist to make sure you are getting all the lead generation things set up on your own.

If you are the kind of person that likes to do it yourself, but you want someone to work with you along the way or do a workshop for your company, check out the coaching program at

Some Key Lead Generation Website Features:

  • 100% Lead Generation Focused
    Websites that focus exclusively on lead acquisition are going to convert more visitors to leads.
  • WordPress is the Best Platform
    WordPress is the best platform for your lead generation website.  There are many themes and plugins that will enable you to do almost anything you want.
  • Lead Generation Keyword Targeting
    You must to keyword research and understand what the problems of your target audience is.  Then use these keywords and phrases throughout the site to attract the best traffic.
  • Optimize for On Page Search Engine Optimization
    Using SEO plugins and changing settings, you can optimize the WordPress site for automatic optimization as you publish articles.
  • Lead Generation Website Templates
    Find paid or free WordPress themes that are designed for lead generation.  This usually means they have clear offers, such as joining a free newsletter or signing up for something.
  • Weekly Keyword SERP Monitoring
    SERP is Search Engine Ranking Position and there are many places to get your SERP report.  Some are free SERP reports and others are paid services.  These reports will tell you if you are going up or down in ranking each week.
  • Great Call to Action
    Offer a coupon, free report, free course or other digital bait to attract more leads.
  • Inbound Link Campaign
    Do not buy a bunch of poor quality leads.  You should get regular backlinks weekly to boost your traffic and ranking over time.
  • Weekly Posts Using At Least Two Keyword Phrases
    The more quality articles you write the more traffic and ranking you will get over time.  Use specific terms and a variety of vocabulary to maximize search visibility
  • Use Many Avenues for Traffic
    To help our clients be successful, we work with them to develop new content and many different avenues to promote that content each week.  Video, Social Media, Articles, Guest Posts, Forums, Commenting, Podcasts, Reports and more.  Once you lead generation website is built you need to have someone help you promote it or you need to have a weekly schedule to promote it yourself.

Do you need help with your lead generation?  Contact us today.