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Your Authority Site is different from your main website.  Typically, your main website is going to have some basic company information and it should be focused on selling or lead generation from visitors.  It may have a blog to add some depth, but ideally it is a fine tuned funnel for leads and sales.

An authority website, on the other hand, is a knowledge base that helps educate your target market and helps them make better buying decisions as well as be better customers with more realistic expectations.

Buzzoodle has launched and managed Authority Websites for organizations that want to attract high quality targeted leads since the late 1990’s.  The evolution has been from custom magazine formats to opensource solutions for online magazine publishing.  Over the years, our team has migrated from helping companies with the technology and marketing to now writing most articles as well.  Companies that try to do their own publishing frequently loose steam and let the new content slide, which results in a lowering of effectiveness for the authority site and lead generation.

If you want to launch your own authority site, you can use WordPress and a custom premium magazine theme ($100).  You can host it on a great server like Rackspace ($150 per month) and pay writers to write your articles ($200+ per month) and Internet Marketing professionals to promote the authority site ($200+ per month).  You can absolutely do all of this yourself and it will not cost too much.

You can also choose to work with Buzzoodle because our systems and experience mean we can bring your costs down and get better results in less time.

Authority sites are well known to increase lead generation, improve credibility in the marketplace, improve close rates and improve Search Engine Optimization of a companies main website. An authority site is a great investment for a company because it gets stronger and has a bigger impact the longer you do it.

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Is it time for your company to get better results by launching an authority website for your target market?