Buzzoodle FAQ

Q&A about Buzzoodle Services

Q: What Exactly does Buzzoodle do?
A: Buzzoodle is a Content Marketing Agency that focuses on lead generation via publishing.  Our services impact the following:

  • Internet Marketing – Most formats
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation Management
  • Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Keyword Targeting and Search Engine Rank Monitoring
Q: Will Publishing Generate Leads?
A: Every page of content you create adds to your digital footprint on the web. Buzzoodle adds value in many ways.

  • Search Engine Results
  • Endorsements
  • Expert Status of Your Team
  • Increased Inbound Links
  • Better Relationships
  • Social Media Visibility
  • Association of your company with industry leaders
Q: How Do I Select Best Program for my Lead Generation?
A: Buzzoodle works with you to maximize your budget and focus on the things that will help you achieve your individual goals.  Not all businesses benefit from the same level of service. The more competitive your industry, the more time and bigger budget you will need to start seeing results.
Q: Does Search Engine Optimization Still Work?
A: In 2012, Google made significant changes to how their search engine ranks sites.  Our clients did not experience any significant change in ranking.  However, these changes do now make it harder to rank well unless you are willing to commit and create really good quality content and promote it appropriately every month.  Many of the quick, cheap tools simply do not work any more.
Q: Can You Help My Company?
A: We get calls all the time asking if we can help their individual company type.  The short answer is that anyone that would benefit from more traffic and more exposure in their marketplace can benefit from Buzzoodle services.  However, our strategies take time and a commitment to doing them month after month – and anyone considering our services should be ready to commit to a real effort, not just trying it out for a month. That is why our services require a minimum commitment.
Q: Who Owns The Content?
A: You always own any content you create. Depending on your plan, you may choose to own your domain and content or leave ownership with us. There are advantages to having us own the site and content, including Google seeing it as a third party endorsement and also we maintain liability for content we create.
Q: What Industries Have Your Worked In?
A: Buzzoodle has worked in most industries. We tend not to work with companies that are small and reselling other people’s products (such as MLM companies) because it is hard to help them recoup their investment quickly.  The strategies are good for them, but they usually need to execute it themselves.  Buzzoodle works best for companies that place a high value on each lead and they have a well defined target market.
Q: Do You Do Technology or Marketing?
A: Buzzoodle historically began as a technology company building custom applications.  We evolved in 2005 to focus more on Marketing and Lead Generation but we continue to be technical as needed.
Q: How Do I Cancel?
A: All good things must come to an end.  Clients leave Buzzoodle because they change industries, change owners, change product lines or decide to try to do things on their own.  We have even lost a few clients because our program made them so busy they wanted to shut off the lead source. If you are in a fixed term contract, simply inform us as soon as possible that you will not be continuing after the term of the contract.  If you are in a month to month agreement, we require a 30 day notification of cancellation.
Q: How Do I Get Started?
A: We look forward to working closely with you on your lead generation needs.  Please contact us today and we can schedule a discovery meeting.