Lead Generation Websites

Buzzoodle has grown client businesses for many years by building lead generation websites that clients can use to attract prospects and to them and turn visitors into qualified leads.

Because your lead generation site will be the hub of your online lead attraction effort, you must make sure it is optimized to attract prospects and capture the data you need.

A good lead generation website is going to combine a fresh content strategy, search engine optimization, a link campaign and social media to create a funnel of visitors to the site. However, people often do not want to “clutter up” their core website which is a corporate site designed to sell.

That is why Buzzoodle develops high quality news magazine sites for clients to attract leads. Lead Generation Websites are sites that have fresh content frequently, get back links, get promoted in social media and are optimized for Search Engine Optimization. This is more easily and powerfully done with a trade news magazine.

Normally you would be one advertiser of many, but in our case, we build the lead generation news magazine around you and your target audience. You are the only company being promoted and you can post your own content in the online magazine along side the news and articles we generate for the magazine.

Contact us today to see if your Lead Generation efforts can be enhanced with the Buzzoodle Lead Generation Press program.