Sales and CRM Training

Investing in your sales team is smart.  There are many different ways to invest in your sales team. Buzzoodle offers training in several areas that will improve your sales team efficiency and effectiveness.

CRM Enhancement and Training

Do you have a CRM yet?  If not, give the Buzzoodle CRM a test drive.

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is critical to your success.  In most organizations, some sales people embrace it more than others.  Yet when used properly, it can result in many more contacts each day and also improve your odds because of better followup.  Buzzoodle has worked with many different CRM’s and we can offer CRM training, strategic improvements and workflow mapping services.  By creating a better sales funnel, training sales staff and improving Marketing collateral your organization will realize major improvements.

Sales Force Training

If you are looking for less tech and more touch, our traditional sales force training helps sales people identify buying behaviors and adjust their message to have maximum impact in the sales process.  Contact us for more details.