SEO for Lead Generation

Do you have a website that is not attracting the levels and quality of traffic that you would like?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Can help you achieve the goal.

The Buzzoodle program helps your SEO effort. Even if your site is already ranking in the top 10, and even if you have someone already doing SEO for you, Buzzoodle will boost your results.

Our program develops a high quality new site that is separate from your site but is optimized for Search Engine ranking. This site exclusively promotes you while also being a great news magazine for your prospects.

The result is that as your Buzzoodle site begins to rise in ranking, it also pulls up your site (or strengthens it) as well.

Not only does it produce better rankings, but it also generated clicks from visitors and promotes your business as an important news story.

Being able to publish on a wider array of topics because the content is not on your primary site gives us the flexibility to use more rich content and produce more rankings than we could normally do on your sales focused business website.