Lead Generation Services

Buzzoodle provides a host of Internet Marketing services for Lead Generation.

The following is a summary of services.  If you are interested in pricing and effectiveness of lead generation strategies for your business, fill out our inquiry form so we can arrange a discussion.

SEM – Fastest Lead Generation Strategy

This is a broad term that involves Pay Per Click (PPC) and other forms of online paid traffic to highly optimized landing pages where lead generation happens.  We offer monthly management services that include development and split testing of landing pages so that you get the maximum yield for your PPC budget.

Customer Relationship Management Benefits include:

    • Fast Results
    • Highly Targeted
    • No long term commitment

SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Lead Generation

Optimizing your website is an ongoing process for achieving higher ranking in organic search engines so that searchers find you and come to your site.  People are often in research mode and this is the best time to do lead generation.  While we do not require any minimum commitment, it is recommended to plan for at least six months effort.

Benefits Include

    • No cost per click
    • Makes your Website a better asset
    • Attracts visitors in research mode before the sale

Online Trade Magazine Development for Lead Generation

Buzzoodle helps clients publish online magazines in target niches in order to improve search, authority and engagement with customers and prospects.  We are one of the only agencies you will find doing this very specialized and high value lead generation service.

Benefits Include

    • You are seen as a leader and authority in your industry.
    • You get more traffic from Search and Social Media
    • You can leverage the magazine to meet more people
    • Very low cost monthly service
    • Fresh news and articles weekly – you only write when you want to.

Online Local Magazine Development for Lead Generation

Buzzoodle publishes local, special interest online magazines that work great for attracting a local audience.  By sharing the cost among multiple sponsors, local businesses can be in front of a local market at a fraction of the cost of developing the strategy themselves.  Local lead generation is very valuable to some kinds of businesses and this is a great, low cost strategy.

Benefits Include

    • Leveraging multiple local sponsors to get better, faster results by sharing the visibility.
    • High authority and visibility in local community.
    • Multiple ways to promote your business in magazine.
    • Optional to contribute content.
    • Capture leads away from your competition.

Website and Landing Page Development for Lead Generation

Buzzoodle helps clients develop websites and landing pages with lead generation strategies in order to improve lead conversion for visitors.  We can host your site or help you update sites where you currently have them.

Benefits Include

    • By focusing on Lead Generation with Lead Generation experts, your website will perform better.
    • Makes your Website a better asset
    • Reduces the loss of leads that are on your site but not contacting you.