I am not the biggest Social Media fan.  I like blogging and email marketing because they have proven to make me money.  Social Media has proven to be a time sponge.

However, with that said there are a few new technology developments that are making things more interesting for me in the social media space.

1.  I did a twitter chat with the National Speakers Association and you can see the transcript on Storify.

storifyI used Twubs.com to quickly engage with a group of very interesting people and it was a lot of fun.  It also had some optimization value as well as some list building value.  Very interesting stuff.

Then, I was in a meeting when a very NON-technical person got out her iPad and started gushing about how wonderful FlipBoard is.  I’d used it before in the past, but thought I would have to take another look because this was clearly going mainstream.

I built my own Content Marketing Magazine and it looks great – and is making me engage with social media much more actively.  And now I am generating more readers to all my various lists, and this does funnel some people to my email lists as well.

I bring this up because many people I talk to tried social media for marketing at one time and gave up.  But keep in mind that the tools are improving and becoming more interesting and there are ways to leverage them for value that was just not there a year or two ago.  I am really starting to pay attention to this space again and I suggest you do as well.