Monthly Lead Services

Buzzoodle Lead Generation is built upon monthly activities that identify or attract quality leads for our clients.

Online Lead Generation uses Content Marketing and promoting activities to attract leads to the online Magazine and push quality leads to the client.

The following services are done for all clients – Monthly Frequency Varies Per Plan

  1. News Curation – Weekly News Curation is done.  This is when your editor finds hot new items in your industry and related to your keywords and puts 3-6 news items into a post on your Buzzoodle site.  A custom summary is added and news about client will frequently be added to this list as well, when applicable.
  2. Featured Articles – Featured articles are unique articles about related topics.  They are over 300 words and target keyword phrases that are part of your strategy.
  3. Interviews – Depending on your level of service, your editor will post an interview of you along with a picture and short bio.  This should be you answering 3-5 questions you commonly get asked.  Gold Plan Members may still do an interview but it counts as the custom post.
  4. Social Media Promotion – Each post is promoted in Social Media.  Higher level plans get more promotion and more sites.
  5. Back Linking – Back linking is generating information about your news site in other places to attract more visitors as well as boost search ranking.  Programs that generate more content also get more backlinks.
  6. Comment Monitoring – Monitoring comments and approving them helps build a more robust site where people come back.  Your editor will manage your comments for you.
  7. Client Submitted Articles – Your editor will post your articles to the site as well as optimize key elements of your post.
  8. Site Modifications – You will work with your editor to make changes to things like your ads, your featured articles and any other changes you need.
  9. Analytics – All levels of service have access to Google Analytics for their site.

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