Warning – Launch Fast or Fall Behind Further

Time is ticking, and while it is never too late to start, every person that starts before you gets an advantage over you.

The way things work for traffic and search engine ranking is that there are a number of factors that determine the credibility of success.

One factor if the date something was set up.

In fact, when we work with businesses that want to develop an authority magazine site, we stress that it will take months to start getting organic results.  So waiting till when you need more leads means you are too late.  You want to start the magazine site 6 months or more before you need results from it.

Content Marketing is all about consistency and value.  Creating a targeted online magazine that addresses the concerns of your ideal audience is a great way to generate leads, but you have to start early.

Also, remember that no amount of optimization will trump a much older site that has good SEO and has been consistently producing quality content for much longer than you.

Since we do not have  a time machine, and you probably do not either, the best advice is to start as soon as possible and be consistent, and depending on the competition in your industry, you will start seeing some good numbers after 3-9 months.  However, every day you wait, someone may be getting in front of you and catching up is harder than getting out in front.

We can launch your custom magazine in less than a week with NO SETUP FEE!  Just the monthly cost to write and promote the site.  See our programs here. Getting out in front is a great asset for your business and will impact your lead generation significantly in the future.