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What is Buzzoodle?

Buzzoodle is a full scale online publishing strategy that engages your ideal market.  Buzzoodle improves lead generation, search engine ranking and social media traffic to your main site by publishing an independent news magazine focused on helping you attract new customers.

Easy and Effective

Over the years, we have found the clients who make money with a content marketing strategy are the ones that do not try to do everything themselves.  Buzzoodle does everything for you week after week.  You will have a dedicated editor that is in control of a news magazine designed around you and your target market.


How Does It Work?

Buzzoodle does not modify your existing sites.  We compliment and improve anything else you are currently doing by publishing a targeted news magazine online that exclusively promotes you and is written for your ideal target market.

Writing and Curation

A combination of Interviews, News Curation and Feature Articles all promote your site and products while being an attractive hub of information for your defined target market.


Social Media

Information is posted on the site every week manually by your editor without you needing to lift a finger.  These new posts are promoted in links and social media to attract your target market and improve search engine optimization.

Promotional Opportunities

Unlike a traditional trade magazine, Buzzoodle gives you exclusive ad saturation and unlimited views and clicks.  With 5 ad regions as well as featuring you in feature articles, interviews and the video channel, you will have many ways to promote your company to the audience we attract for you.


Results Oriented

Lead Generation, Increased Web Traffic and Improved Search Ranking are the primary reasons people invest in Buzzoodle to develop a targeted, high quality online news publication.  If you have already done SEO, Social Marketing and other online tactics, Buzzoodle boosts those efforts.  We integrate well with all other forms of Internet Marketing and improve results.  The longer you keep using Buzzoodle the stronger it gets.


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