Why Businesses Like Yours Fail with Content Marketing

There is a very simple reason why businesses like yours fail with Content Marketing.

It comes down to consistency.

Would you watch a TV channel that only had 2 hours of programming per day?

Would you subscribe to a magazine that might publish one issue per year, or might publish ten – they just don’t know?

Would you meet a friend for lunch every Friday if he only showed up one time per month?

Online Marketing is all about consistency for the same reason.  Search Engines love consistent publishing.  Social Media audiences love consistent quality posts.  People will only return to your site if there is something fresh on a consistent basis.

Now the bad news.  I have worked with 100’s of clients that have tried to keep costs to a minimum and do their own Content Marketing.  It is great that you want to do it, but unless it is going to become your main thing, you should really leave it to professionals or your business will fail at Content Marketing.

What works best is when you have someone like Buzzoodle publish fresh content every week on your site, but you still try to at least once a month add a more in-depth article or video to the online magazine site.

This way you avoid failing because you have the consistent content – but because it is on a separate domain and brand it does not have to be all about you, but you can utilize the tool to push out your own content any time you want.

That is the formula for success versus the sure-fire way to fail at Content Marketing.  Contact us today if you want to launch a content marketing online magazine and drive lead generation and traffic way up.