Right now, in 2020, when people are supposed to stay in place, and many people have free time due to a lack of work, it is a great time to consider setting up a hobby blog.

I recently started my food and recipe blog because I enjoy cooking, learning about cooking and writing about cooking. There is a legitimate chance that it will make money in the future, but the real reasons I do it are because it provides me many benefits and good skill development. Here are the reasons you should start a hobby blog now.

#1 Hone That Skill

Nothing makes you focus more and really hone a skill, than to start teaching other people about it. I have enjoyed cooking for many years, but now I think about it more, and experiment more, in an effort to bring something interesting to the table.

#2 Become a Better Writer

Writing is a skill that is handy for everyone. Even if you do not need it in your everyday job, being a better communicator is something that can only benefit you. Also, writing can seem overwhelming when you are first getting started, but when you do it regularly it is actually fairly easy and flows naturally most days.

#3 Learn Promotion and SEO

When you finally get your site up, you then need to do some writing and before long you need to start attracting an audience. Learning how to do search engine optimization and promotion of your hobby blog is a skill that you can use at work as well. You could also teach other people this skill as well as get clients and do their promotion as well.

#4 Join a Community

Immediately when you dive into a topic, you are going to start looking around for what is being done online and you are going to join groups and make connections with other people who are passionate about the same topic. While I frequently looked up recipes to try, I did not start interacting with people until I set up my own site and really started looking at what other people are doing.

#5 Side Gig Income

For at least a year, you will be very unlikely to get any significant income. However, blogs have a way of growing and sometimes exploding overnight. So your no income can become a side income and that could blow up into a full fledge busness if you stick with it.

#6 Pass on Knowledge

On of my favorite things to do after I create a recipe and add it to the site is to pass it to my older daugher to try. The thing about friends and kids is they may or may not be interested in what you are doing today, but if you practice documenting things and sharing them, they can follow your advice when the time is right for them.

#7 Develop Your Online Skillset

Being an online marketer is a very good skillset to have. And having a hobby blog is a great way to hone your skills on a site that is not for work, or for a client, which means you can experiment and try things. As your hobby blog gets more popular, you can sell guest posts or ads on your site and generate income.

If you are looking for fast money, having a hobby blog is not it. However, if you think you could benefit from the items listed above, then you should start one and be consistent, as well as patient, and develop it over time. Good luck.