Buzzoodle Freelance Writer Pledge

This is our pledge to our Freelance Writing community.

Buzzoodle believes in fair compensation and treatment of writers, which begins with a full disclosure of how we operate.

  1. We pledge to treat you fairly.  We ask all writers to do an initial post.  Yes, we get free content – good for us.  But this is also a better way to assess your skills as a potential writer for our publication than any type of review of your resume or past work, or an interview.
  2. We pledge to not micro-manage writers.  You write what you think our audience wants to read.  If your article is successful, then we ask you to write more.
  3. We pledge to make performance driven decisions – Sometimes the best writers do not have the most popular topics.  We judge writing on visitor metrics such as visits, comments and social sharing.  If we decide not to work with a writer it is on these metrics, not on quality of writing.
  4. We pledge fast payment – We pay writers weekly for articles posted within the last 7 days.  If you submit an article on Friday, it will be paid by the end of the next week.
  5. We pledge to not abuse your social network.  We expect paid articles to be promoted via the author’s social accounts.  Remember, traffic and social sharing are part of our evaluation, so if you want to write more articles for us it is a good idea anyway.  It is NOT mandatory to receive payment.
  6. We pledge to be dependable.  When we engage with a freelance writer, we will ask for a certain number of articles per month at a per article price.  This can be increased, decreased or cancelled based on performance and editorial discretion.
  7. We pledge to treat your efforts with respect.  We retain the right to modify your articles, but strive to keep this to a minimum and present you in the best light possible.
  8. We pledge to delight our best writers with surprises.  We send surprise gifts to writers when they hit certain benchmarks.  Cannot say more because then it would not be a surprise.

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