There are a lot of reasons that businesses should blog.  Business blogging software is very effective at generating clients and sales lead.  Here is a list of the 10 business blogging benefits I have identified.

  1. SEO – The more content you post, especially with a business blogging tool like Buzzoodle, the better the SEO effect you get.
  2. Targeted – By writing your business blog with content that targets your market, you will attract more buyers.
  3. Voice – Your business blog gives your business a louder voice.
  4. Expertise – By publishing expert content, you can establish yourself as an industry leader.
  5. Lead Generation – One of the best business blogging benefits is to use it to attract more targeted leads into your CRM.
  6. Boost Main Site – By linking your business blog back to your main site you will boost the performance of your main site as well.
  7. Group Effort – A business blog can utilize employee’s downtime to build assets for the future.
  8. Better Targeting – You do not have to build one business blog to rule them all – you can set up additional business blogs to target each product, service or target market you have.  This increases conversion and usually is easier to rank well for.
  9. Free business blog – WordPress is the best business blogging software because it is free, has the best SEO results and has a huge number of developers, business themes and plugins.
  10. Optimized for WordPress Lead Generation Theme – We launched a free WordPress Lead Generation Theme that does many of the things for you.  Of course our premium lead generation clients have access to many more versions of this lead generation theme.