This is just a quick post on 5 easy lead generation tips you can use to attract more people on the web and convert them to leads.

  1. Use a business blogging software system – Not necessarily custom enterprise software as WordPress is very good, but there are many tools that will take WordPress and make it into a real business initiative.
  2. Do Keyword Research – When I started doing keyword reseach and writing articles about what people were searching for, the results went through the roof.  An hour of your time can greatly increase your leads.
  3. Give away something EASY and free – Do not fall into the trap of thinking anything free must work.  It has to have value, be easy and be free and you will increase your leads online.
  4. Build a Link Network – Our business blogging system integrates with other publishing systems that can be configured to build a network of places to post and generate backlinks from.  More roads lead to you.
  5. Make a clear offer – if you are not making it crystal clear what you would like someone to do, do not expect them to work hard and figure it out.

Sure there are more things to consider but if you just refined these, you would have a very good lead generation strategy going.