Are you sabotaging yourself?

If you are turning a blind eye to things and blaming other people, you could be destroying your chance to succeed.  Here are some areas to look at – the more honest you can be with yourself the better you can address these areas.

  1. Delegation – If you cannot delegate, you cannot grow. Trying to do everything yourself will can only keep you at your current level, and could even cause a big problem if you get sick or burned out.  Learn how to delegate.
  2. Training – Continuous learning is essential for growth.  If you assume you have enough information you will fall further and further behind.
  3. Not promoting your personal brand – I know this is not for everyone, but creating a personal brand can really help your sales and marketing.  Have you ever met someone that is just selling a product but is not interesting at all?  Not nearly as interesting.
  4. No Marketing – If you are not putting enough time into new sales and marketing you will be surprised to find one day that you are running out of options.  This is a constant effort.
  5. Poor Bookkeeping – Not keeping your books, doing proper payroll and managing your tax strategy will sink your ship.