If you want a bunch of local lead generation tips you should get the free bonuses available to anyone that joins the Buzzoodle lead generation program.  But here are 7 local lead generation tips that you can use right away to increase local leads.

  1. Use city names and state names in more of your articles. 
  2. Add your address and a “serving clients in …” in the footer of your website.  This will attract more people doing searches for your services in the local area.
  3. Get links from blogs and websites that also serve a local audience.
  4. Join groups of local people on social networking sites like facebook.
  5. Advertise in local newsletters and local blogs.
  6. Test local adwords, local facebook and other targeted paid advertising that can be set to only show up for people searching in a specific local market.
  7. Write about local things that would interest your local market on your business blog. 

These are just some of the ideas you can get in our video on local lead generation.  It is actually easier to target local leads than tageting national or international topics in most cases.