1. Can a lead generation website be built for any industry?

Yes.  A lead generation website can be built for any industry.  However, some will perform much better than others.  You need to have high volume searching for lower cost items or a high value of individual leads for a low search volume product or service.

2. How many lead generation sites do I need?

This question depends on your market.  If you have a broad market with different audiences buying from the market, you will want to set up a lead generation engine targeting each niche.  If you have a focused market you will need fewer lead generation websites.  Typically online lead generation gets more results the more sites you have.

3. How long does it take to generate leads?

New domains take longer than older domains that have had content on them.  If a site also has existing backlinks it gets better results faster.  Any lead generation effort can get a boost from more frequent writing and from steady, keyword specific inbound link development.  I have personally seen highly specialized companies get results in as little as a week, and other lead generation sites in more competitive markets linger without good results for a long time.

4. How do I capture leads from the Internet?

There are many tools for online lead capture.  You can use online databases, CRM, email autoresponders, simple online forms, WordPress plugins and even tools often built into shopping carts.  Keep in mind some people may want to call you so if you are willing to get calls, make sure you have your number easy to see one the lead generation site.

5. Is there an open source lead generation system?

Yes and no.  There are great open source tools that can be effective parts of your lead generation strategy.  For example, we use WordPress as our publishing system with a lead generation focus.  By using special lead generation themes and integrating other lead capture tools, you can build an attraction marketing strategy that will generate good results.

6. I do not have much to write about.  How often do I have to write?

The mistake people make with writing is that they think of their blog as a website that people will come back to every day and read the new stuff.  In actuality, most of your readers will find the lead generation website via search engines and read your one article and either take action and become a lead, or they will not.  So you do not have to come up with something totally new and creative all the time.  You can rewrite the same topics fairly regularly and get great results.  Just remember you will benefit from a more diverse vocabulary so try to mix things up as much as you can.

7. How long before my lead generation just runs on its own?

Your lead generation website will get stronger over time.  However, just like traditional networking, you get stronger over time but you cannot stop doing it or it will start to slip.  Can you be more selective and write less frequently eventually?  Probably.  But if it is working why would you take the chance.  You can always hire outsourced blog writers to keep your content fresh.