There are many names for the lead generation techniques we use here – and Buzzoodle is certainly not your only option.

You can find out about different marketing techniques by doing seaches and here are some of the terms you should search on.

  1. Attraction Marketing – Attracting the right people to you via the web.
  2. Inbound Marketing – just like attraction marketing, it has people coming to you instead of going out and finding them.
  3. Drip Marketing – steadily sending value out to your prospects until they are ready to buy.  This is a nice technique once you have a good inbound marketing campaign in place.
  4. Content Marketing – using artilces and other forms of content to achieve Inbound Marketing of Attraction Marketing.

These are just some of the most common terms you should know when considering this technique.  It really is simple.  In essence you create information that gets indexed in search engines and people find via different avenues and come to you and sign up for your offer, which usually puts them into an Autoresponder or other form of drip marketing.

Simple – but it takes a consistent effort to be effective.  That is why our system currently has 9 different blog article writing tools to help you maximize your time and build informative, targeted blogs that generate leads.