Of course, the smart thing to do in sales it talk about how your product will cure all the ills of a potential client.  However, when it comes to lead generation I like to be very honest with people – because they tend to hear we can generate leads and they do not understand the process very well.

Automated lead generation is possible in many industries with our online lead generator techniques.  However, it is not a button we push and does not happen quickly.

Basically, you can create a Website (in our case a WordPress Lead Generation Blog) and put content on it that will attract targeted keywords, which you have determined are keywords that buyers are very likely to be looking for.

Over time as your site is ranked higher, by a combination of SEO, Writing Articles, Linking and Social Media Integration, you will attract more leads to you and this becomes automated lead generation.

However, this does not take the place of many other good lead generation strategies.  I am currently helping a company revamp the entire sales process and our strategy is one of sever strategies we are recommending and working on.

The key is to have realistic expectations, a limited number of strategies you can work on and measure and keep fine tuning your process to get them to produce better sales results on less time.

Do not buy any product that is promising automated sales leads and imagine that it is going to produce magical sales.

Now with all those warning, I can tell you that clients that have given our approach some time to work have sometimes seen massive results.  Complete game changers for them.  But that really depends on your industry, your focus and the competition in your marketplace.  It is not even close to the same for everyone.

So by all means find automated lead generation tools and try them, but do not stop doing the things that are working.