Here are 5 quick B2B Lead Generation ideas for you that may be a bit different from what you have been doing.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – can be used in more ways than just finding new leads – although it works great for that.  You can also build up a term so you are number one in it and then tell people to Google it for more information.  The credibility of someone finding something this way is huge – it shows you are a leader in the marketplace.
  2. Write a Book – This is much simpler than it used to be.  Self publish a book to establish your expertise, get speaking gigs and give to people you want to build a relationship with.
  3. Video – Just like the book, you can produce a video to send to people that is a great way to get them to pay attention and take your call.
  4. B2B Leads can be generated from building affiliate systems and paying people for the leads – this is simpler than you think and can be fully automated.
  5. Networking Groups – a friend of mine runs an executive boardroom group that generates leads for him.

These are just 5 ideas to broaden your B2B lead generation effort.