The best lead generation companies are ones that are very good at a focused lead generation process and can show a positive lead generation ROI.

For example, our lead generation company is very good at using business blogging software to generate targeted leads that are out looking for a client’s product or service.

We do not try to do telemarketing lead generation becauce it is outside of our online lead generation strategy.  And we have built in reports that measure keyword targeted lead generation ranking so that you know if it is effective or not.

Now that we have a DIY Lead Generation program you can get the same tools and training that we use to build lead generation websites for clients for a very low monthly cost.  You should demand a positive ROI on your sales leads generation effort.  If you are not getting it you should shift your focus and try something else.

Keep in mind with an organic keyword lead generation strategy you are going to need to do some work and give it some time (depending on the competition in your marketplace) but the good news is that building a lead generation site is a cheap lead generation strategy that can pay off big in the future.  The sites become lead generation assets for your company that can become your main source of traffic and leads.

If you are looking for the best lead generation companies look for companies that are very good at one thing or consider setting up a DIY lead generation effort and save yourself some money.