If you are not used to using various software products for business purposes, then this article about the best lead generation software will probably come as a surprise to you.

You see, you will not find one piece of software that is the best tool for lead generation all by itself.  The fact is, the best lead generation software is when you first idenity the target audience you want leads from, then identify what they need so you can give it to them, then get software that helps you get better search engine optimization results and then get good lead capture and followup software.

No one tool can do all these things well.  They may do it well for one industry only, but no lead generation software can do everything great for everyone.  That is why you need a custom lead generation campaign.

The best lead genertion software will probably be several software products that help you in your lead generation campagin.  For example, our lead generation software is very good at SEO and inbound marketing.  However, it is not the best at keyword research, so we show videos and point you to the best free keyword research software.

And we also do not try to do lead capture at this point because your lead generation campagin may need a completely different kind of lead capture software than someone else.  Some people may want autoresponders while others may use CRM solutions or simple, free online databases.

You should buy our product if you are serious about lead generation.  But it is not the best lead generation software – it is an important part of a much broader lead generation strategy that will produce results and make you money.