For many businesses, the best low cost lead generation strategy is installing business blogging software and using it for targeted lead generation.

It works like this.  You set things up with the appropriate business blogging software, install a lead generation theme and customize the theme to have a clear call to action that will get your targeted visitors to give you their information.  Then you write blog posts that target the lead generation keywords you have identified.

This works very well and is a great low cost lead generation strategy because the cost of setting up a blog and using lead capture tools is very low, and the time it takes to write can be reduced as well in a system like Buzzoodle.

And the great thing about this lead generation strategy is that it is a very low cost lead generation strategy that you can work on in your down time.

It is important to note that this lead generation strategy works really well for businesses that solve a clear, targetable problem.  For example, if you want business to business lead generation you will write with the terms you know your prospects are researching, not about the product you are selling.

When you start getting ranked for these kinds of things you will find that you are getting a steady, targeted lead flow that has found you, you have not cold called them.  And that is why business blogging for lead generation is the best low cost lead generation strategy you can invest in.