Blog lead generation is one of the best ways a business can develop targeted online leads. There are many advantages and some disadvantages, which I will cover in this blog lead generation article.

Lead Generation with Blogs Advantages

To begin with, blogs are essentially free.  Sure, you may need to set up the domain, a minor blog hosting cost and you may need to outsource the setup and customization, but these costs are all very minor compared to the potential benefit and also compared to the cost of other forms of advertising and lead generation.

Next, blogs will produce very targeted leads if you are writing with your prospect in mind.  While they typically do not produce a flood of leads, those that do come in are coming to you and are much more likely to buy.

Also, blogs for lead generation have great long term value.  The longer you do them as long as you continue to publish regularly, the stronger they will usually become.  This means that they become an asset in your business, which is not the case with most other forms of advertising.

Disadvantages of Lead Generation with Blogs

With those things in mind, you may wonder why everyone does not do blog lead generation.  There are some disadvantages.

First, they take months to typically become effective.  Search engines do not rank new sites well and it could take six months or more to really start seeing significant results.

Next, writing regularly is difficult for people to sustain.  They often give up regular writing before they begin to see good lead generation.

Finally, targeting can be hit or miss.  For example, if you target keywords that are too competitive, you might never be able to generate enough traffic to make the lead generation ROI worth while.  This is why we often tell people to set up multiple sites with multiple targets that are related to their industry.  This significantly increases the odds of success but makes getting started much more difficult.

Blogging is a great lead generation strategy but it is not for everyone because it does take a sustained effort.