Automated lead generation can be created when you use blogs to generate leads.  WordPress lead generation is especially effective.

The key to effective WordPress lead generation is to begin with targeted keywords and use a WordPress Lead Generation theme and SEO plugins to target your keywords that your target market is searching on.

But be sure that you do not pick keywords that have too much competition on them.  It is better to target keywords that have relatively good traffic and lower keyword competition.

Then when you set up your blog lead generation site, make sure you have extremely clear calls to action.  If you do not do that, then you will probably not generate leads even though you will begin to attract people to your WordPress lead generation site.

Now with that in mind, there is still a very important thing that many people do not take seriously.  Linking to the site and sub pages in the site are critical to get good ranking.  I choose to link to tag pages with exact or similar keywords that are targeted keywords.  This works well assuming you have set up everything well.

Then you want to measure your results.  I use Google Analytics to measure the traffic and I use the Buzzoodle SERP reporting tool to monitor my ranking in the search engines.

That is it.  Regular blog writing, linking and setting things up properly can produce a very effective blog lead generation site that will make you money.