In Buzzoodle, we have planned to have 10 different writing methods for creating custom content for your lead generation blog.

Currently 9 are in place and one is being developed.

This includes actually just writing the article – like I am doing now.  But the advantage I have when writing my article is that I have a list of clickable keywords down the right side of the editor that help me focus my writing on my targets.

What are some other ways to get good blog article writing ideas?

You can look at Yahoo Answers and see what kind of questions people are asking.

You can look at youtube and do a review on a video you find interesting.

You can look through article sites and read and article and rewrite it in your own words.

You can read the news or other blogs and comment on what is going on.

You could use the article writer in Buzzoodle to build a rough draft of the article based on a keyword and just edit it a bit.

There are many ways to write blog articles and you will get the most benefit out of your business blogging software if create more articles and remember your key phrases.