Blogging is the best lead generation software by far.  That is why Buzzoodle is built on WordPress and integrated with tools that make using WordPress business blogging lead software easier and more effective.

The best software is the opensource lead genertion software called WordPress because it can be used to do nearly anything on the web.  Right out of the box it will get great search results with some very minor setup configurations.

Then it has a bunch of free plugins that will make it more successful.

Your site will probably have several software products that help you in your lead generation program. 

As I said, my lead generation software is very good at SEO and inbound customer attraction.  But it is not the best at keyword research, so we show videos and point you to the best free keyphrase research system out there.

And we also do not try to do lead capture at this point because your lead generation campagin may need a completely different kind of lead capture software than someone else.  Some people may want autoresponders while others may use CRM solutions or simple, free online databases.

You will want to consider an email system, a CRM, maybe a pop up script or exit script and more.

All these things together produce a mean website that can produce big revenue gains for you.