Lead Generation is tricky business.

People often what to know what the best way to do lead generation is, but there simply is not one form of lead generation that is right for everyone.

And it first comes down to a question of a companies brand.

Branding is the main factor when you decide how you want to generate leads online.  For example, if you are a big national brand you are not going to set up blog sites that scrape content and post unmonitored things under your brand name.  That would be fullish.

In fact, I would not do that even for smaller brands because of the risks.

But things like link building are less clear cut.  Anyone can link to you and you cannot stop them.  But does that mean you should actively solicit links from sites that do not meet your high standards?  Maybe, maybe not.

The key is to understand that branding is the #1 thing to consider when you decide on which strategies to pursue.  Unfortunately, some very poor quality Internet marketing strategies produce very good results (or at least traffic numbers).

To protect your brand image and do more things manually, you have to pay people to manually do more things.  This is much more expensive but is what is required for a company that protects its branding.

The Buzzoodle Lead Generation Strategy, for example, is designed with these people in mind that want some protection of their brand but still want to be successful and minimize the effort required.  The auto-article writer does not scrape content from other sites – instead it builds a rough draft of an article you must finish.  It greatly speeds up the process but is not fully automated to make sure you are not getting questionable content on your site.

Stop back to this business lead generation blog as we discuss these kinds of issues in future lead generation articles.