The beauty of building anInternet Mortgage Lead Generation Website for yourself is that you can do this and once it starts getting ranked well it can produce regular, essentially free mortgage leads.  The costs of a site are very low.  You can use WordPress to build a great Internet mortgage lead generation website that, with a little customization and a few plugins, can get ranked well for your keywords and start getting regular results.

So if it is so easy and so cheap why don’t more people do it?

Well, many people do do it.  The companies that collect leads and then sell them to lots of mortgage brokers are doing it.

The reason that more mortgage brokers do not build their own mortgage lead generation websites is that they think it is hard and they do not have patience.  Often when someone needs leads they are in the mode of needing leads immediately.  Building a mortgage lead generation blog website is not going to produce leads for weeks and maybe not for months.  While it is not hard, it is also not immediate.

If you need to generate exclusive mortgage leads for yourself or for your company, you need to maybe keep buying leads for a while.  You can also use PPC to try to buy immediate traffic – focus locally to save yourself a bundle of money.  And also invest in a system like our lead generation system  to build your own mortgage lead generation website that will become a stronger and stronger asset over time.  You must understand the dynamics of organic lead generation and not expect too much too early or to give up too quickly.  The reason all those lead generation companies are succeeding where the companies themselves are often failing is that the lead generation companies know how the system works.  They build multiple mortgage lead generation websites and they lay a foundation of sites and information well in advance and build up to having a successful, profitable lead generation business.