It is not that hard to build a Lead Generation Blog that can rank high in search engines and generate free leads for your business.

In fact, many lead generation companies use these same techniques to generate leads online and then sell them to businesses that need help with lead generation and are willing to buy leads.

The problem with buying leads like this is that often they are not exclusive to you and also they are frequently not very good quality.

You can build your own lead generation system using simple, free lead generation templates for WordPress.  If you are wondering how a lead generation template is different from a normal WordPress theme, it is only in the formatting.  You want to make a strong call to action at the top and push non lead generating links lower on the WordPress Lead Generation site.

Using business blogging software tools and strategies like this will not generate leads for you in the first week or two usually.  However, they build a solid lead generation foundation that you can grow and that will add big value to your business.