Recently I began talking to a company that has been struggling with sales and marketing.  They keep hiring sales people and they quit after a few months.  They are very discouraged and keep trying to change the pay, the commission and the profile of the people they hire.

We discussed what they really lacked that was causing their sales people not to stick.  And that is a clear set of business systems designed to generate leads, data mine for opportunities and processes for taking someone through the interest phase to sales close.

People quit when they realize they have no way and no clear idea to earn the commissions they were promised.  It is that simple.

Yes, a small group of people will know what they are doing and go into that situation and create those systems for themselves, but this is the exception, not the rule.

A smart business will build these systems and do a variety of lead generation strategies and document everything so that they are setting people up for success, not failure.