One very effective way to build a free, automated lead generation strategy for your business is to use business blogging software to set up a corporate blog and focus it on automated lead generation instead of the traditional idea that blogs are relationship tools.

The first mistake people make is to think that blog comments are important.  Very few blogs get a lot of comments, unless you count the automated comments which are very annoying and add no value.  In fact, I often prefer to have comments turned off.

Next people think it is about relationships.  While it may be nice to have people follow you on Twitter and friend you on Facebook, this can rarely be considered lead generation.  Unless you have mastered the skills necessary to turn a nice profit from these social networks then you need to either have people submit information into your CRM lead generation form or join your email list.  These are the best two ways to capture lead data.

Lastly you want to make sure you focus on all the activities that will increase lead generation production.  This includes doing good keyword research, writing regular articles, developing links back to the site and using the right plugins for WordPress to build a great lead generation business blog that actually is a good investment of your time.