Your business should have multiple lead generation sources.  Networking is a great business lead generation source.  Often word of mouth is a great business lead generation source.  Also search engines can be a great business lead generation source.

The trick is to not look at the search engines as one individual marketing strategy.

Your online lead generation strategy can include things like pay per click, pay per action, joint ventures and affiliate marketing.  It can also include search engine optimization – which takes time but can pay huge dividends.

One simple way to do SEO Lead Generation that is simple and effective is through business blogging software.  Using a business blogging system that creates automated lead generation through regular content publishing takes a few months to get going typically, but can achieve targeted lead generation results over time.  These kinds of sales leads are people that are searching for your kind of product or service, so it is a sales lead with a higher probability of buying and the entire business blogging lead generation strategy should produce a great lead generation ROI for the effort.

We make the process simpler by giving you the tools you need to better target and impliment your own lead generation strategy with business blogging software.