You may think that we do not encourage you to buy online leads.  Actually, we tell people to do anything that works.  You try buying online leads and if you close some sales you keep doing it.

You do want to give things a fair chance and you want to refine lead generation processes over time.

And even if you are successful at buying online leads, you still want to build your own lead generation websites as well.  The reason is, they provide targeted and exclusive leads and they provide a better lead generation ROI over time.  But keep in mind they take longer to get going than just going out and buying leads directly from lead vendors.

One way to think about it is that you are starting a lead generation business and your only customer is yourself.  If you approach it this way, you look at what time and money is involved and how much you would be willing to buy leads for and then decide how much effort and money you want to spend building your own lead generation business.

It does take time.  If you are buying online leads and closing some of them do not stop just because you are building your own lead generation website.