I get a lot of misspellings for our company name, Buzzoodle.

The name comes from the idea of oodles of buzz.

Initially we focused on social media marketing but we saw that the social media ROI was hard to measure and the results were also limited.

So we focused on building publishing tools that use blogs and other tools to create measurable, positive online ROI that clients can see for themselves.

So that is the history.  As many people search on our name, I see it spelled many different ways.  Here are some of the different things I see.

  • Buzoodle
  • Busudle
  • Fuzzoodle
  • Buzznoodle
  • Buzzdoodle
  • Buzudel
  • Buzzle
  • Busoodel

Yes – Once you think of oodles of buzz these other spellings seem silly.  But I understand.  If you hear about us via word of mouth it is going to be tricky to find us.  Hopefully the search engines do their job and still help you get here.