Some people ask my how Buzzoodle Lead Generation works.

It is simple.  You build a WordPress site that is optimized for attracting targeted people to the site and getting them to take action.

It is simple – but simple is often overlooked by people.

The reason you want to use Buzzoodle for lead generation is because you can create more targeted content faster and better.  Also it has reports that show your ranking and publishing history to see you are getting results.

The thing to remember with this strategy is that you can set it up and work it for a bit and if you have done good keyword research, good targeting and set up your site properly (all demonstrated in lead generation training in the system) then you will be well on your way to get results.

However, you cannot create a market out of air.  If no one is looking for your service, you are going to not get leads.

Also, it takes time to build up the organic ranking.

If you need fast results, you can add Google Adwords to your marketing plan for more instant traffic.  And as your SEO builds up, you can reduce the ads running if the ROI is not as strong as you like.